Erneuerung Piste und Umgebung

The long awaited fresh up of the MRCL race track has been a half year, give or take, yourney since the decision was made at the MRCL annual general meeting 2017. It all started in the late 2017 with the crowd funding campaign (, which was a way to finance the renewal of the track and the surroundings.

Besides of many smaller and larger projects during the winter and sping, there has been five major work packages performed by the club members and or contractors:

  • The renovation of the stairs up to the drivers stand.
  • The painting of the plank materials
  • Removal of old asphalt
  • Application of new Asphalt
  • Painting of curbs, construction and mounting of a wodden plank and a lot of other things

The work has been documented and the photos are to be found in the image gallery: